sunnyside stormwatch in effect

just in case you’ve been in william hurt’s isolation tank from ‘altered states’ for the last week, san francisco is all abuzz about the possibility of snow over the next 48 hours. and guess what? few neighborhoods in the city are as well-placed as sunnyside to view what might be a once-in-a-generation event.

that’s because we’re only a 36-teresita muni bus ride from mount davidson, which at 928 feet is the highest peak in san francisco. and since projections have an inch of snow falling on elevations near 1000 feet, this could mean a very special weekend for some local kids … and adults!

and then there is the very exciting, if admittedly remote, notion of snow atop the roof of the sunnyside conservatory. if it comes to be, you can bet i’ll be there with my ancient digital camera, and maybe i’ll see you out there, too.

in any event, it’s going to be uncommonly cold out here in the outside lands, west of twin peaks. better bundle up!


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stonestown borders escapes doom

whether or not you’re happy your little local borders will remain open despite the chain’s bankruptcy filing and resultant closures around town, if you live in the outside lands you should be annoyed (and not surprised) that most media outlets ignored this little factoid.

in their coverage, both ktvu and the chronicle focused on closures elsewhere in the city, and even went so far as to mention locations on the peninsula and in the south bay which will also survive the restructuring.

i have mixed feelings about borders as a chain, and this location in particular; nothing especially negative, nothing especially sentimental. it occurred to me over the holiday season that this stonestown anchor could go away soon, and honestly, i’m not sure what would replace it in that space, in this economy. and that would be some high-profile ugliness.

so for now, i’ll continue to justify hours spent thumbing through magazines and books that i’ll never buy by spending about $20 a year on beagle calendars.

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traffic madness at st. francis circle

you can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs, and starting this weekend, muni will start crackin’ on desperately needed traffic improvements at the civil engineering singularity known as st. francis circle.

and while the ends likely (likely) justify the means, boy, is this gonna HURT. you can see SOME of the damage here on muni’s site, let’s review a couple of highlights:

  • no more k or m trains running outbound beyond west portal. get ready for shuttle bus fun. yay.
  • this one actually doesn’t seem to be in the pdf muni provides for the project, but at the recent sunnyside neighborhood association meeting, supervisor sean elsbernd said that traffic running east up sloat will have an interesting time getting to portola. you’ll be detoured to the right on junipero serra and guided somehow through some funky u-turn. or something. i believe the chanting of some incantation is necessary. “expecto trafficum!”
  • riders know that the 23-monterey loses all sense of time and schedule as it travels both eastbound and westbound through the black hole of st. francis circle. the seven-day-a-week project will no doubt compound this.
  • muni states “some stop changes” will occur as a result, but doesn’t elaborate. i guess specificity isn’t their thing, man. if you use muni in this area, give yourself some extra time to navigate your new temporary reality.
  • general chaos.
  • admiral anarchy.
  • cap’n crunch.

all this, as elsbernd reminded, just in time for the stern grove concert season.

i strongly advise checking out muni’s pdf, and avoiding punching your monitor in response. and just like my pop used to say before a good spankerin’, “it’s for your own good.”

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more muni service cuts slam sunnyside

once again, muni is letting me know it hates me.

maybe it hates you, too.

you can still see the marks from the beating we took last year from reduction in bus service in our neighborhood just within the last few months, and now starting tomorrow, may 8, we’re getting more.

the 23-monterey, left unscathed during the last round of cuts, will run less frequently, going from every 15 minutes to every 20 minutes, according to muni. if you ride the 23 during the rush hour, though, you know this figure is bs, anyway. if two 23s run shorter than 20 minutes betwixt each other, it’s by accident. so whatever.

what’s gonna chafe my hide is that the last outbound 23, which already runs out at the non-night-owl-friendly hour of 1230(ish)am, will now go out an hour earlier.

the fledgling 36-teresita was already on a bare-bones schedule, so its frequency (which is not bloody often), will remain unchanged. however, it too will send out its last outbound even earlier than its present 1130pm run, retreating now to 930. 930! i can’t imagine any other non-shuttle line that ends so early.

thankfully, the j remains the same. and believe me, these last few months since the 26 was eliminated, i’ve conditioned myself to walk farther in the wee hours. i just don’t know how long this can go on before some thieving magpie spots me and my ipod. funny how i didn’t worry about that so much when i was 315 lbs. oh well.

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wine tasting tomorrow in the neighborhood

okay, winter’s over, and this bear has groggily emerged from his cave to see what’s going on. and whattayaknow? something fun just around the corner – the st. finn barr parents club is hosting its fourth annual wine tasting & sale saturday, april 17 at goode hall, 415 edna st., on the corner of hearst and edna.

admission is just five bucks, including complimentary wine glass. the event runs from 3:30 to 6:30pm, and proceeds go to benefit st. finn barr catholic school.

for more information, call (415) 333-1800.

UPDATE: flyer is above, and a peek at the wine lists/order forms below.

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fomb’ers get $10k traffic safety grant

congratulations to jon and adrienne at friends of monterey boulevard on securing a grant to improve pedestrian conditions along my street, which happens to be monterey blvd. great work, guys!

i’m psyched about the installation of the type of “we live here” banners we’ve seen in other high-traffic areas of the city, something that was a dream of mine for a while when i met the fomb’ers, and discovered they were actually working to make it happen.

jonathan says there will also be research into how to make what is unfortunately a mini-freeway into something more livable.

Working with the pedestrian advocates at Walk San Francisco we will also conduct detailed surveys of pedestrian conditions at the intersections of Foerster, Edna and Detroit.  The first two intersections are key crossings for children walking to Sunnyside Elementary, while the intersection at Detroit is a mid-block crossing. We will count pedestrian volumes, document conflict points and needs, look at the number of near misses, to provide an analysis of both pedestrian and driver behavior.

We will also  circulate and manage a public survey of neighborhood residents to determine community needs and desires as well as perceived problems regarding Monterey Boulevard. We will then compile all of the results in a final report.

i know that there are some, myself included, who aren’t quite as anti-car as fomb. but i tend to agree with most of what they propose, and moreover, i know that it was that same activist spirit that drove the freeway revolt that saved this city from being turned into a big, ugly mess of freeways.

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omg! what’s that in the sky?

oh boy! the sun came out for the first time in days today, if only just for a bit before the fog crept back in. but it was nice to have a dry day, so i went over to the conservatory to try to get a shot that would somehow speak to this joyous occasion.

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