safeway thinks big for remodel


oh, god bless neighborhood community meetings.

safeway representatives last week unveiled grand plans for remodeling its 625 monterey blvd., plans that frankly dwarfed those that i had swimming around in my head when i first heard about the redux.

while one can argue that the sunnyside safeway’s plan to finally upgrade its redheaded stepchild location at will affect many whom the store serves (not only does it serve locals who lack either the means or will to get up the hill to diamond heights, but the wide gulf bordered by bernal heights, the excelsior and daly city), representatives met last week with those most acutely impacted: nearby residents.

and the chain’s reps showed they were serious by literally offering bread along with what thankfully came short of a circus. loaves were doled out along with fruit and veggie appetizer plates and cookies to soothe the local cranks who inevitably turn up at such affairs.

but more importantly, they handed out hard copies of first-draft plans to radically redesign the neighborhood store. coming short of tearing the existing building down, it is a whole new take on the location, eliminating the existing street-level parking lot and turning the orientation about to face monterey.

the new structure would add around 12,000 feet of retail space, which would improve the shopping experience dramatically, if still falling short of more expansive sites. reps emphasized the addition of a cafe and bakery, along with full service deli and a sorely needed produce expansion. not enough space for a pharmacy, though.

i’d love to share their preliminary visions of this new store, but real estate manager natalie mattei is reluctant to share their plans before the requisite processes have their way with them, lest the public be confused.

i’ll see about scanning the hard copy handouts they provided at the meeting, though. because i care. 🙂

but already at the meeting the plans were showing places for improvement and further design. along with the usual superficial design suggestions, residents pointed out a serious flaw in the way trucks would dock with the new building.

in the first draft, trucks would back into an angled driveway facing monterey, possibly strangling eastbound traffic during busy hours on the already congested thoroughfare.

safeway reps said the issue would be hashed out in future dealings with the city’s planning and traffic departments.

and while i’m thrilled at the prospect of a new, fantastic safeway, i’m equally daunted by the sacrifice it will involve – 10 to 12 months of zipcarring to either diamond or bernal heights.

surely it’ll be a bonanza for canyon market.


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