save transit in sunnyside



lord knows it’s not easy to enjoy sf nightlife if you live in sunnyside and rely on the muni to avoid a $20 cab ride. if i can’t grab that last 23-monterey at diamond and bosworth at midnight, my last best chance is the 26-valencia, which still ends up with me schlepping up the hill in the wee hours (not exactly dicey in our relatively safe ‘hood, but wtf, i’m a lazy sod!).

now muni wants to make my life even harder with drastic cutbacks. in this new, post-apocalyptic scenario, i’d be forced on late nights to slog all the way from mission and bosworth! that’s, erm, lemme see here … almost a half-mile!

okay, not particularly empathetic to my plight of getting home from the 500 club at 130 on a friday night? well, even if you use the 26 in the light of day, you’re screwed. and if you’re in the unfortunate position of needing to use the 36-teresita (i used to live up in sherwood heights, so i know your pain), you’ll sure wish you had it around to complain about if it goes away completely.

so come join me at this meeting tomorrow to battle against this attack on our way of life in sunnyside!


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