36, 26 would merge under muni proposals


under muni’s proposed service cuts, the 26-valencia and 36-teresita would be combined as one line, a new 36. i spoke with judson true, mta’s media relations manager, who clarified the agency’s expected reductions in service for sunnyside residents.

as shown in this graphic found on the sfmta site, the 36 would continue to serve the hill people along teresita, but after making the turn onto foerster, would head east on monterey. the line would then take over the defunct 26 line at the diamond and bosworth stop at the glen park BART station, heading east on chenery before terminating finally at st. luke’s via mission.

“this would ensure continued service to st. luke’s for those who depend on the 26 line to get to the hospital,” said true.

he said that transit efficiency project (TEP) estimates concluded muni would save $2.4 million by merging the 26, with its low ridership, with the 36, which becomes redundant when its route colludes with the 43-masonic at monterey on its way to balboa park.

“it’s certainly not an effort to target sunnyside,” true said, half-joking. he sheepishly admitted to only riding the 36 line once. i was impressed he could claim to have ridden it at all!

the spokesman said the agency “is not happy” about having to reduce service around the city, and agreed that those west of twin peaks would suffer, particularly in terms of late-night service.

muni is expected to make a decision on the proposed service reductions on thursday


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  1. Richard

    Thank you !
    I’ll be using this entry in the Sunnyside News Summer edition.

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