safeway meeting tonight

safeway rendering

the folks at safeway will be letting us know where they’re at in the process of radically renovating our store at 7 pm tonight at st. finn barr parish hall, courtesy of the sunnyside neighborhood association.

meanwhile, above is a rendering of the first draft of the proposed changes. safeway didn’t want you to see them, so they refused to give me a soft copy to upload to this site. evidently they’ve never heard of scanners, cos they gave me a hard copy that i magically made digital through the awesome power of kinko’s. yes, i was a journalist at one time.

here’s another angle:

safeway rendering 2

crazy, eh? well, the reason safeway didn’t want these posted was because it was a first draft, and they expected the design to change to a degree they couldn’t specify at the time.

hopefully tonight we’ll get a clearer picture of what we’re gonna end up with. like i said before, my enthusiasm for what looks to be a great improvement at what may be the weakest safeway location in sf is definitely tempered by the yearlong closure that will result.


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