sna meeting tonight


the sunnyside neighborhood association will be meeting tonight at 7pm at st. finn barr church hall.

it looks like there’s a full plate of agenda items, from the safeway renovation to chats with supervisor sean elsbernd and cap’n david “don’t call me swifty” lazar from the ingleside police station.

one thing i’m curious about is the sunnyside traffic calming project. it might be outside the scope of the actual project, but after having almost engaged in fisticuffs with one particularly psychotic driver while crossing monterey at detroit, i thought it might be good to put up banners like the one shown above, which were put up in the mission by these fine folks.

also, the meeting will serve as a mini-food drive for the san francisco food bank. so if you plan on schlepping your can out to st. barr, make sure to bring a REAL can for a good cause!



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2 responses to “sna meeting tonight

  1. jon winston

    Love the blog! I was thinking of starting a SS blog but couldn’t find the time so I’m really glad you’ve done it. Maybe I’ll send you a submission some time, if that’s ok.

    Regarding your near death experience on Monterey, I have been thinking very seriously about greening the street much like San Jose Ave.

    I would like to start with a simple plan to landscape the median. I think that would go a long way towards calming the traffic if it can be used to break up sight lines and make the street feel less like a freeway.

    I was on the SFBC committee to get Bike lanes on SJ Ave so I had the chance to meet Gillian Gillett who has been the guiding light for that project.

    Coincidentally, I have been talking to Gillian about meeting with residents and users of Monterey to put together a plan. She is very interested in getting us started. I will be out of town next week but maybe we can get a few interested parties to meet during the week of August 20?


    • cosmicblatherings


      thanks for the support. absolutely, if you have something you want to write about, let me know.

      as far as meeting, aug. 20 appears to work for me. i’ve also been speaking to adrienne and nicole about the signage committee.


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