sfpd to sting ped xing scoffers tonight


our local sfpd cap’n at the ingleside station, capt. david lazar, reported to the herald that officers will conduct a sting operation on drivers tonight who fail to stop for residents attempting to use the pedestrian crossing on monterey at detroit.

the sting, which will occur between 5 and 6pm, is the second such enforcement tactic implemented by the ingleside station in as many weeks. last week’s operation focused on another dangerous traffic corridor for pedestrians, glen park’s bosworth avenue.

i’ll be there with my camera to document the action and witness a little payback on the maniacs from lakeside who barrel down my street like a bat outta hell, threatening both my life and my neighbors’ kids’ lives, as well as my ability to keep a cat without worry. i’m forced to live vicariously through youtube videos of maru the kitty. sigh.



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5 responses to “sfpd to sting ped xing scoffers tonight

  1. Well, I guess Monterey will be safe for pedestrians for an hour tonight. After that, we really need to start thinking about removing the visual cues that induce excessive speeds on that street when there are no cops around.

    I’m looking into getting help with funding and other support to green the medians as a start. Tall plants will break up the sight lines and make the place look less like a freeway. Next we need narrower lanes and bike lanes too.

    The San Jose Ave. treatment will work even better on Monterey.


  2. GG

    I just wanted to let you know that I’m loving the blog… I moved to Congo near Joost in March. Great little neighborhood we’ve got!

  3. Sj

    I missed the sting. I was hoping to see it in action as I’ve escaped death many times while crossing Monterey @ Detroit. Hopefully the SFPD was able to cite a few speed demons.

  4. so, did you witness any action? or did you just decide to skip the sting and keep on watching maru videos?

  5. Richard

    Was there ever any report in the Ingleside Station Captain’s daily email report about results? They seem to report statistics on all the other pedestrian stings.

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