the story with the conservatory


as you can see above, progress is whizzing along on the sunnyside conservatory. just think of what it looked like this time last year! it looks pretty darn cool, so the question on residents’ minds is – when will it be ready for prime time?

i spoke with sally at the sunnyside conservatory project (the people who made this happen), and she said that while all involved had hoped it would be open to the public by halloween, it’s now unclear whether or not it’ll be ready to go before winter.

which is plenty of time for locals to figure out what we’re gonna do with it.



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4 responses to “the story with the conservatory

  1. I liked it before it got upgraded. A nice quiet place.

  2. There always seemed to be a homeless person in there pre-renovation. I loved the palm tree, but didn’t love feeling a little bit sketched out when I walked through. Looking forward to the new conservatory, for sure.

  3. Richard

    Look for an article by the Friends of Sunnyside Conservatory with update information about the opening in the Sunnyside News, Summer ’09 edition, out next week

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