sf street food movement comes to sunnyside


that’s right, now you don’t have to schlep to the mission in a magik kurry hurry after a last-minute tweet to experience the street food phenomenon – this sunday between 1 and 4pm you can get it right in your own friendly neighborhood!

they’re called sunnyside slawdogs, and here’s an excerpt from their flyer (i’m not quite yet a tweeter/twit):

“Ever wonder about that great little cottage at 104 Congo Street; it’s won design awards; it’s cool; it’s awesome, and we are having a party.

Sunnyside Slawdogs. Whoa!!  A hebrew national, grilled to perfection, on a potato bun, but wait: why is it a slawdog? It is topped with homemade unbelievably delicious coleslaw and handmade pickled jalapeños. Have a fabulous slawdog and a beer (or Root Beer) for $6.00.

Sunday October 4, 2009  1 – 4 pm.  But if it not Sunny in Sunnyside – sun must be shining by noon, party is cancelled and we will let you know when we are rescheduling. Follow us on Twitter/SlawDogs.”

please note the disclaimer. other than the weather factor, the only down side is there’s sooooo much going on in the city. strictly hardly bluegrass festival in ggp, castro street fair, oktoberfest by the bay … how much fun can a city slicker have in one day?

(thanks to richard goldman for the scoop! i love that the herald now has evil tentacles to grab that news!)


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One response to “sf street food movement comes to sunnyside

  1. GG

    It doesn’t look like they’ll have veggie dogs… too bad because it looks tasty otherwise!

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