sunnyside conservatory is go!


as i’m sure most of you noticed, a LOT has happened in the last week or so at the sunnyside conservatory site. the trailer’s gone, we got the sidewalk back, and a new sign is up!

plus, we now have a grand opening date, saturday, nov. 5 dec. 5, with a cool theme appropriate to the occasion.

here’s a behind-the-scenes update from the sunnyside neighborhood association:

“San Francisco Historic Landmark Site #78, the Sunnyside Conservatory, has reached substantial completion of capital renovations and will reopen to the public at a Celebration on Saturday, Dec. 5, 11am-2pm; ribbon cutting at noon. Celebratory activities and refreshments will be reminiscent of a gathering likely to be seen in the late 1800s at the family home of the original owner, William Merralls.

This spectacular site was neglected for decades. The current retrofit is the payoff for dedicated residents who struggled to save the site from being torn don to make way for an apartment complex, and who worked closely with Rec. & Park so that no detail was too small to not be addressed. The original character is preserved with materials and unique architectural features intact—it will look much as it did 100 years ago.

Although the octagonal building was originally a horse-n-buggy turn-around and open to the elements, the retrofit now encloses the interior which will be comfortable, well lit and featuring state-of-the-art controls to keep the space secure. Many types of public and private gatherings can be accommodated. A small kitchenette space is an added feature particularly useful for events including food service.

The landscaping still features magnificent palms, including the tall, smooth skinned Chilean Wine Palm. Flora was specifically selected to enhance the palms and be low water consumers. Winding paths add interest and ease of movement throughout.

FSC is engaging the community for stewardship of the site and surrounding Joost Mini-Park and Monterey Blvd. median garden. Regular public access to the building will be an issue for discussion with Rec. & Park at the November 16 Community Meeting. FSC welcomes ideas on backyard sustainability and artistic experience, and will solicit helping hands for Opening Day.

Stay tuned:

great work everyone! this has been a tremendous effort by the community, and for the community, and you’ve done us proud.


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