sunnyside playground clubhouse is go!

photo courtesy of sunnyside neighborhood association

photo courtesy of sunnyside neighborhood association

more great news from nicole and the sna – the work on the sunnyside playground clubhouse is finished, and will have a grand opening celebration on saturday, nov. 7 from 11am-2pm, with fun for the whole fam damily, as my mom says.

says nicole:

“The community has much to make merry over. Vigilance and luck resulted in the first surplus of dollars which made possible Clubhouse improvements. An unprecedented second surplus has also been realized. SPFN has represented the community interest to Rec. & Park to have it spent on“joyful” amenities for visitor enjoyment.

The remodel features a one large open-space room residents wanted with a crafts corner, new kitchen, and new bathrooms. The Plaza bathrooms are also new. Not changed are spectacular views of surrounding neighborhoods and San Bruno Mountain State and County Park.

For the remainder of the Fall session, our new Rec. Director, Joe Scott, will only offer programs from 9am-noon for pre-schoolers in playtime, art and gym, and adult aerobics.”

that’s two saturday events in a row. looking forward to meeting some of ya’s!


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