fomb unveils new monterey safety campaign

the friends of monterey blvd. folks have taken their “slow down!” movement one step further by specifying how much they want speeding drivers to slow down to – 25 mph, as opposed to the current speed limit of 30 mph.

check out their latest post, which illustrated very clearly their argument for bringing down the speed of traffic on my street. and while the fombers are bike folk, and thereby have an evil agenda to take us all back before the age of horseless buggies, as an occasional driver i can tell you that if you can’t restrain yourself from the urge to speed up to every stop sign between ridgewood and circular – YOU HAVE A PROBLEM.

i just tested this theory yesterday while borrowing a friend’s car, and i found that 25 was actually my natural default. i had to rev up to 30 just to not get hit by all the usual spazzes

pretty much proved the whole point.


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