the end of the line

it wasn’t a typical friday night necessarily, but close enough.

after checking out film archivist rick prelinger‘s supercool “lost landscapes of san francisco vol. 4” at the herbst theater, some drinks with friends, and a turkey club at the pork store on 16th, i hopped on the last 26-valencia.

but not just the last 26 of the night. the last 26 period.

our driver, tony, knew he was at the helm for the last ride since muni cuts eliminated the 26. what he didn’t know was that after more than 100 years of rolling through our area in one form or another, he was at the helm for the end of an era.

it was an uneventful ride, which was both sad considering the occasion, and appropriate, because one of the line’s main charms was that you could usually rely on a trip unmarked by chaos and/or violence, something its closest relative, the 14-mission, can’t exactly boast, particularly at that time of the night.

at least i wasn’t the only soul on the bus lamenting the end of the line. i met local activist david pilpel, who had taken it upon himself to take one last ride on every line being cut by muni this last weekend. (normally, you’d see a link there on his name, but david doesn’t believe in using the interwebs. yeah.)

i rode till my usual stop at circular and monterey, bid farewell to tony and david, and watched as the very last 26 bus chugged to its final stop. destiny. (via balboa park.)

p.s. sure enough, at 130am the next night i was on the 14 with the other riff raff, taking it to murray/bosworth, where i got off and schlepped on foot home to monterey and detroit. my new reality. and muni wants $70 for a fast pass starting next month?? must find bike … or coping mechanism.



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