real-life grinches loose near sunnyside

sad to say, this is no joke. news yesterday from ingleside station capt. david lazar:

Last week I mentioned a burglary in Miraloma Park on Juanita Way. Over the weekend, a construction site on the 700 block of Foerster was burglarized.

Today, there was a burglary attempt on Dalewood and actual burglary on Melrose. When the officers arrived on scene at the Melrose location, the suspects were fleeing in their getaway car, nearly running one of the officers over.

The vehicle involved in today’s incident is described as a black Buick with tinted window. We obtained a partial license plate of 5YB…. Our Station Investigations Team is working on this case.

Please feel free to call the station if you have information or our anonymous tip line, 587-8984. Please phone the police if you see this vehicle in your neighborhood.

and from the sunnyside park families email list:

There have been gangs of thieves working free standing houses and neighborhoods up Teresita and Westwood heights to St Francis woods, and it looks like they tried to start working this area, and hopefully the police response will scare and keep them away.
Although disconcerting, a neighbors’ good eye and quick call to police, and the massive police response, should be a deterent to thieves considering working this neighborhood.   When they find neighborhoods they can work the word spreads amongst the thieves, and when they try something and get disrupted like yesterday the word will spread that this is not an easy target area.

i get the creepiest feeling i saw this buick creeping around monterey and detroit the other day. gah. anyway, keep an eye out and we’ll badger these baddies away.


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  1. elle woods

    my car got broken into in front of a friend’s house near st. francis wood on mt. davidson a few years ago. a week later, the police called to let me know that a “major identity theft criminal” had been busted in a house on flood and that they had recovered my credit cards, etc. it was their understanding that this guy ran a crew of local street kids who did the dirty work for him. needless to say, i’ll never leave anything visible in the car again.

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