fomb’ers get $10k traffic safety grant

congratulations to jon and adrienne at friends of monterey boulevard on securing a grant to improve pedestrian conditions along my street, which happens to be monterey blvd. great work, guys!

i’m psyched about the installation of the type of “we live here” banners we’ve seen in other high-traffic areas of the city, something that was a dream of mine for a while when i met the fomb’ers, and discovered they were actually working to make it happen.

jonathan says there will also be research into how to make what is unfortunately a mini-freeway into something more livable.

Working with the pedestrian advocates at Walk San Francisco we will also conduct detailed surveys of pedestrian conditions at the intersections of Foerster, Edna and Detroit.  The first two intersections are key crossings for children walking to Sunnyside Elementary, while the intersection at Detroit is a mid-block crossing. We will count pedestrian volumes, document conflict points and needs, look at the number of near misses, to provide an analysis of both pedestrian and driver behavior.

We will also  circulate and manage a public survey of neighborhood residents to determine community needs and desires as well as perceived problems regarding Monterey Boulevard. We will then compile all of the results in a final report.

i know that there are some, myself included, who aren’t quite as anti-car as fomb. but i tend to agree with most of what they propose, and moreover, i know that it was that same activist spirit that drove the freeway revolt that saved this city from being turned into a big, ugly mess of freeways.


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