more muni service cuts slam sunnyside

once again, muni is letting me know it hates me.

maybe it hates you, too.

you can still see the marks from the beating we took last year from reduction in bus service in our neighborhood just within the last few months, and now starting tomorrow, may 8, we’re getting more.

the 23-monterey, left unscathed during the last round of cuts, will run less frequently, going from every 15 minutes to every 20 minutes, according to muni. if you ride the 23 during the rush hour, though, you know this figure is bs, anyway. if two 23s run shorter than 20 minutes betwixt each other, it’s by accident. so whatever.

what’s gonna chafe my hide is that the last outbound 23, which already runs out at the non-night-owl-friendly hour of 1230(ish)am, will now go out an hour earlier.

the fledgling 36-teresita was already on a bare-bones schedule, so its frequency (which is not bloody often), will remain unchanged. however, it too will send out its last outbound even earlier than its present 1130pm run, retreating now to 930. 930! i can’t imagine any other non-shuttle line that ends so early.

thankfully, the j remains the same. and believe me, these last few months since the 26 was eliminated, i’ve conditioned myself to walk farther in the wee hours. i just don’t know how long this can go on before some thieving magpie spots me and my ipod. funny how i didn’t worry about that so much when i was 315 lbs. oh well.


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