traffic madness at st. francis circle

you can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs, and starting this weekend, muni will start crackin’ on desperately needed traffic improvements at the civil engineering singularity known as st. francis circle.

and while the ends likely (likely) justify the means, boy, is this gonna HURT. you can see SOME of the damage here on muni’s site, let’s review a couple of highlights:

  • no more k or m trains running outbound beyond west portal. get ready for shuttle bus fun. yay.
  • this one actually doesn’t seem to be in the pdf muni provides for the project, but at the recent sunnyside neighborhood association meeting, supervisor sean elsbernd said that traffic running east up sloat will have an interesting time getting to portola. you’ll be detoured to the right on junipero serra and guided somehow through some funky u-turn. or something. i believe the chanting of some incantation is necessary. “expecto trafficum!”
  • riders know that the 23-monterey loses all sense of time and schedule as it travels both eastbound and westbound through the black hole of st. francis circle. the seven-day-a-week project will no doubt compound this.
  • muni states “some stop changes” will occur as a result, but doesn’t elaborate. i guess specificity isn’t their thing, man. if you use muni in this area, give yourself some extra time to navigate your new temporary reality.
  • general chaos.
  • admiral anarchy.
  • cap’n crunch.

all this, as elsbernd reminded, just in time for the stern grove concert season.

i strongly advise checking out muni’s pdf, and avoiding punching your monitor in response. and just like my pop used to say before a good spankerin’, “it’s for your own good.”


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