sunnyside stormwatch in effect

just in case you’ve been in william hurt’s isolation tank from ‘altered states’ for the last week, san francisco is all abuzz about the possibility of snow over the next 48 hours. and guess what? few neighborhoods in the city are as well-placed as sunnyside to view what might be a once-in-a-generation event.

that’s because we’re only a 36-teresita muni bus ride from mount davidson, which at 928 feet is the highest peak in san francisco. and since projections have an inch of snow falling on elevations near 1000 feet, this could mean a very special weekend for some local kids … and adults!

and then there is the very exciting, if admittedly remote, notion of snow atop the roof of the sunnyside conservatory. if it comes to be, you can bet i’ll be there with my ancient digital camera, and maybe i’ll see you out there, too.

in any event, it’s going to be uncommonly cold out here in the outside lands, west of twin peaks. better bundle up!


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