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sunnyside stormwatch in effect

just in case you’ve been in william hurt’s isolation tank from ‘altered states’ for the last week, san francisco is all abuzz about the possibility of snow over the next 48 hours. and guess what? few neighborhoods in the city are as well-placed as sunnyside to view what might be a once-in-a-generation event.

that’s because we’re only a 36-teresita muni bus ride from mount davidson, which at 928 feet is the highest peak in san francisco. and since projections have an inch of snow falling on elevations near 1000 feet, this could mean a very special weekend for some local kids … and adults!

and then there is the very exciting, if admittedly remote, notion of snow atop the roof of the sunnyside conservatory. if it comes to be, you can bet i’ll be there with my ancient digital camera, and maybe i’ll see you out there, too.

in any event, it’s going to be uncommonly cold out here in the outside lands, west of twin peaks. better bundle up!


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stonestown borders escapes doom

whether or not you’re happy your little local borders will remain open despite the chain’s bankruptcy filing and resultant closures around town, if you live in the outside lands you should be annoyed (and not surprised) that most media outlets ignored this little factoid.

in their coverage, both ktvu and the chronicle focused on closures elsewhere in the city, and even went so far as to mention locations on the peninsula and in the south bay which will also survive the restructuring.

i have mixed feelings about borders as a chain, and this location in particular; nothing especially negative, nothing especially sentimental. it occurred to me over the holiday season that this stonestown anchor could go away soon, and honestly, i’m not sure what would replace it in that space, in this economy. and that would be some high-profile ugliness.

so for now, i’ll continue to justify hours spent thumbing through magazines and books that i’ll never buy by spending about $20 a year on beagle calendars.

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fomb’ers get $10k traffic safety grant

congratulations to jon and adrienne at friends of monterey boulevard on securing a grant to improve pedestrian conditions along my street, which happens to be monterey blvd. great work, guys!

i’m psyched about the installation of the type of “we live here” banners we’ve seen in other high-traffic areas of the city, something that was a dream of mine for a while when i met the fomb’ers, and discovered they were actually working to make it happen.

jonathan says there will also be research into how to make what is unfortunately a mini-freeway into something more livable.

Working with the pedestrian advocates at Walk San Francisco we will also conduct detailed surveys of pedestrian conditions at the intersections of Foerster, Edna and Detroit.  The first two intersections are key crossings for children walking to Sunnyside Elementary, while the intersection at Detroit is a mid-block crossing. We will count pedestrian volumes, document conflict points and needs, look at the number of near misses, to provide an analysis of both pedestrian and driver behavior.

We will also  circulate and manage a public survey of neighborhood residents to determine community needs and desires as well as perceived problems regarding Monterey Boulevard. We will then compile all of the results in a final report.

i know that there are some, myself included, who aren’t quite as anti-car as fomb. but i tend to agree with most of what they propose, and moreover, i know that it was that same activist spirit that drove the freeway revolt that saved this city from being turned into a big, ugly mess of freeways.

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real-life grinches loose near sunnyside

sad to say, this is no joke. news yesterday from ingleside station capt. david lazar:

Last week I mentioned a burglary in Miraloma Park on Juanita Way. Over the weekend, a construction site on the 700 block of Foerster was burglarized.

Today, there was a burglary attempt on Dalewood and actual burglary on Melrose. When the officers arrived on scene at the Melrose location, the suspects were fleeing in their getaway car, nearly running one of the officers over.

The vehicle involved in today’s incident is described as a black Buick with tinted window. We obtained a partial license plate of 5YB…. Our Station Investigations Team is working on this case.

Please feel free to call the station if you have information or our anonymous tip line, 587-8984. Please phone the police if you see this vehicle in your neighborhood.

and from the sunnyside park families email list:

There have been gangs of thieves working free standing houses and neighborhoods up Teresita and Westwood heights to St Francis woods, and it looks like they tried to start working this area, and hopefully the police response will scare and keep them away.
Although disconcerting, a neighbors’ good eye and quick call to police, and the massive police response, should be a deterent to thieves considering working this neighborhood.   When they find neighborhoods they can work the word spreads amongst the thieves, and when they try something and get disrupted like yesterday the word will spread that this is not an easy target area.

i get the creepiest feeling i saw this buick creeping around monterey and detroit the other day. gah. anyway, keep an eye out and we’ll badger these baddies away.

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’tis the season in sunnyside

so i went out into our glorious neighborhood hoping to catch the spirit of the season, but these were the best my poor old digital camera can do. i didn’t get some of the more spectacular displays, but here ya go.

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sunnyside conservatory 3.0 launches with pomp, bagpipes, mayor

following the previous night’s major buzzkill (see below), it was sweet to see the sun come out, along with the gav (erm, his honor, the mayor), for the truly glorious opening of our neighborhood jewel, the newly renovated sunnyside conservatory.

a who’s who of sunnyside movers and shakers, along with regular folk like you and me (!), were treated to a redux worthy of the historic site. the designers have achieved a nice balance between acknowledging the conservatory’s storied past and creating a fully functional and rentable space for locals to use for events ranging from community activities to private parties.

i got there a bit late, but from what i hear and saw, the gav got a kick out of the new spot and rock starred it up a bit with a crowd clearly flattered he was spending a sunny saturday in sunnyside.

he was generous with the pics, and it took him longer to leave than most assumed he would spend there in total, but i chose to take my time with the mayor as an opportunity to promote this site! because i am a whore.

turns out local photog bill wilson caught the moment:

check out bill’s photo album from the day.

it was super to see the people i’ve met in the past year since launching this blog, particularly the friends of monterey blvd. with a full-on setup that attracted a lot of attention from locals curious about those “slow down!” signs. one lady construed it as a general zen comment, which was fine with the fomb’ers!

all in all, a great day in the ‘hood.

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fomb unveils new monterey safety campaign

the friends of monterey blvd. folks have taken their “slow down!” movement one step further by specifying how much they want speeding drivers to slow down to – 25 mph, as opposed to the current speed limit of 30 mph.

check out their latest post, which illustrated very clearly their argument for bringing down the speed of traffic on my street. and while the fombers are bike folk, and thereby have an evil agenda to take us all back before the age of horseless buggies, as an occasional driver i can tell you that if you can’t restrain yourself from the urge to speed up to every stop sign between ridgewood and circular – YOU HAVE A PROBLEM.

i just tested this theory yesterday while borrowing a friend’s car, and i found that 25 was actually my natural default. i had to rev up to 30 just to not get hit by all the usual spazzes

pretty much proved the whole point.

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