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fomb’ers get $10k traffic safety grant

congratulations to jon and adrienne at friends of monterey boulevard on securing a grant to improve pedestrian conditions along my street, which happens to be monterey blvd. great work, guys!

i’m psyched about the installation of the type of “we live here” banners we’ve seen in other high-traffic areas of the city, something that was a dream of mine for a while when i met the fomb’ers, and discovered they were actually working to make it happen.

jonathan says there will also be research into how to make what is unfortunately a mini-freeway into something more livable.

Working with the pedestrian advocates at Walk San Francisco we will also conduct detailed surveys of pedestrian conditions at the intersections of Foerster, Edna and Detroit.  The first two intersections are key crossings for children walking to Sunnyside Elementary, while the intersection at Detroit is a mid-block crossing. We will count pedestrian volumes, document conflict points and needs, look at the number of near misses, to provide an analysis of both pedestrian and driver behavior.

We will also  circulate and manage a public survey of neighborhood residents to determine community needs and desires as well as perceived problems regarding Monterey Boulevard. We will then compile all of the results in a final report.

i know that there are some, myself included, who aren’t quite as anti-car as fomb. but i tend to agree with most of what they propose, and moreover, i know that it was that same activist spirit that drove the freeway revolt that saved this city from being turned into a big, ugly mess of freeways.


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sunnyside conservatory 3.0 launches with pomp, bagpipes, mayor

following the previous night’s major buzzkill (see below), it was sweet to see the sun come out, along with the gav (erm, his honor, the mayor), for the truly glorious opening of our neighborhood jewel, the newly renovated sunnyside conservatory.

a who’s who of sunnyside movers and shakers, along with regular folk like you and me (!), were treated to a redux worthy of the historic site. the designers have achieved a nice balance between acknowledging the conservatory’s storied past and creating a fully functional and rentable space for locals to use for events ranging from community activities to private parties.

i got there a bit late, but from what i hear and saw, the gav got a kick out of the new spot and rock starred it up a bit with a crowd clearly flattered he was spending a sunny saturday in sunnyside.

he was generous with the pics, and it took him longer to leave than most assumed he would spend there in total, but i chose to take my time with the mayor as an opportunity to promote this site! because i am a whore.

turns out local photog bill wilson caught the moment:

check out bill’s photo album from the day.

it was super to see the people i’ve met in the past year since launching this blog, particularly the friends of monterey blvd. with a full-on setup that attracted a lot of attention from locals curious about those “slow down!” signs. one lady construed it as a general zen comment, which was fine with the fomb’ers!

all in all, a great day in the ‘hood.

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the end of the line

it wasn’t a typical friday night necessarily, but close enough.

after checking out film archivist rick prelinger‘s supercool “lost landscapes of san francisco vol. 4” at the herbst theater, some drinks with friends, and a turkey club at the pork store on 16th, i hopped on the last 26-valencia.

but not just the last 26 of the night. the last 26 period.

our driver, tony, knew he was at the helm for the last ride since muni cuts eliminated the 26. what he didn’t know was that after more than 100 years of rolling through our area in one form or another, he was at the helm for the end of an era.

it was an uneventful ride, which was both sad considering the occasion, and appropriate, because one of the line’s main charms was that you could usually rely on a trip unmarked by chaos and/or violence, something its closest relative, the 14-mission, can’t exactly boast, particularly at that time of the night.

at least i wasn’t the only soul on the bus lamenting the end of the line. i met local activist david pilpel, who had taken it upon himself to take one last ride on every line being cut by muni this last weekend. (normally, you’d see a link there on his name, but david doesn’t believe in using the interwebs. yeah.)

i rode till my usual stop at circular and monterey, bid farewell to tony and david, and watched as the very last 26 bus chugged to its final stop. destiny. (via balboa park.)

p.s. sure enough, at 130am the next night i was on the 14 with the other riff raff, taking it to murray/bosworth, where i got off and schlepped on foot home to monterey and detroit. my new reality. and muni wants $70 for a fast pass starting next month?? must find bike … or coping mechanism.


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fomb unveils new monterey safety campaign

the friends of monterey blvd. folks have taken their “slow down!” movement one step further by specifying how much they want speeding drivers to slow down to – 25 mph, as opposed to the current speed limit of 30 mph.

check out their latest post, which illustrated very clearly their argument for bringing down the speed of traffic on my street. and while the fombers are bike folk, and thereby have an evil agenda to take us all back before the age of horseless buggies, as an occasional driver i can tell you that if you can’t restrain yourself from the urge to speed up to every stop sign between ridgewood and circular – YOU HAVE A PROBLEM.

i just tested this theory yesterday while borrowing a friend’s car, and i found that 25 was actually my natural default. i had to rev up to 30 just to not get hit by all the usual spazzes

pretty much proved the whole point.

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sunnyside conservatory is go!


as i’m sure most of you noticed, a LOT has happened in the last week or so at the sunnyside conservatory site. the trailer’s gone, we got the sidewalk back, and a new sign is up!

plus, we now have a grand opening date, saturday, nov. 5 dec. 5, with a cool theme appropriate to the occasion.

here’s a behind-the-scenes update from the sunnyside neighborhood association:

“San Francisco Historic Landmark Site #78, the Sunnyside Conservatory, has reached substantial completion of capital renovations and will reopen to the public at a Celebration on Saturday, Dec. 5, 11am-2pm; ribbon cutting at noon. Celebratory activities and refreshments will be reminiscent of a gathering likely to be seen in the late 1800s at the family home of the original owner, William Merralls.

This spectacular site was neglected for decades. The current retrofit is the payoff for dedicated residents who struggled to save the site from being torn don to make way for an apartment complex, and who worked closely with Rec. & Park so that no detail was too small to not be addressed. The original character is preserved with materials and unique architectural features intact—it will look much as it did 100 years ago.

Although the octagonal building was originally a horse-n-buggy turn-around and open to the elements, the retrofit now encloses the interior which will be comfortable, well lit and featuring state-of-the-art controls to keep the space secure. Many types of public and private gatherings can be accommodated. A small kitchenette space is an added feature particularly useful for events including food service.

The landscaping still features magnificent palms, including the tall, smooth skinned Chilean Wine Palm. Flora was specifically selected to enhance the palms and be low water consumers. Winding paths add interest and ease of movement throughout.

FSC is engaging the community for stewardship of the site and surrounding Joost Mini-Park and Monterey Blvd. median garden. Regular public access to the building will be an issue for discussion with Rec. & Park at the November 16 Community Meeting. FSC welcomes ideas on backyard sustainability and artistic experience, and will solicit helping hands for Opening Day.

Stay tuned: www.sunnysideconservtory.org

great work everyone! this has been a tremendous effort by the community, and for the community, and you’ve done us proud.

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slip slidin’ away


i’m late to this party, as the SFist scooped me, but here’s the scene last week just a block from my place on monterey as this driver provided literally a picture-perfect example of why the Friends of Monterey have been working hard to get those “Slow Down” signs up along the boulevard.

and this was before the rain came this week. conditions at the time were ideal … for a responsible driver using common sense and following the speed limit.

luckily, and almost bizarrely, nobody was hurt in this accident. but this happened a block away from st. finn barr elementary school, yards away from a heavily trafficked pedestrian crosswalk.

thanks to karen for the report and the photo.

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new monterey blog!


a couple of local friends have started a new blog focused on monterey blvd. (which flows through multiple neighborhoods, the districts of two supervisors and at least one microclimate!) called friends of monterey. check it out!

considering monterey’s dual role as neighborhood artery and ad hoc feeder freeway, friends of monterey will focus on safety issues and measures by us local residents to keep from getting hit by speeding cars.

for instance, blogger jonathan has designed some  signs (above) that can be posted on street-facing windows and that we hope to post on the thoroughfare to encourage people to not plow through our ‘hood like bats out of hell, to paraphrase my ma.

welcome friends! and, umm … godspeed?

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